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“Don’t think I’ve suddenly gotten brave. I haven’t. But the frontiers of the thinkable were quietly, fitfully edging back for me”

William Finnegan, Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

I'm Ilya Andreev

I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I study Mathematics and Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, engineer software, read, swim, bike, and run.

Some of what I’ve done is outlined below. Naturally, not all adventures can be listed, so if you want to chat or suggest we work together, reach me at . You can also find me on Twitter and Telegram.

Worked at

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Joined the University of Illinois triathlon team. Traveled. Meditated. Read more books and papers.

Over the summer, worked with the Argo team at Cloudflare. With Annika Garbers and Zhengyao Lin, designed and shipped a product that continuously analyzes request logs for over 20,000,000 internet properties, detects problematic customer origins and alerts them of the outage, providing actionable advice.

Helped a couple teams write backends for their web projects.


Joined 4Caster, where helped architect and roll out the early-stage betting platform. When presenting the effort, was endorsed by the backing VC. Helped with interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions. Set up agile development workflow.

With Artem Tamoian and Aleksandr Litreev, co-led the team behind Vee Security. Rolled out a public proxying infrastructure to let the Russian citizenry circumvent unconstitutional freedom of speech limitations, accumulating 2,000,000 concurrent users at peaks. Gave comments to TechCrunch and Newsweek. Helped the team members emigrate to Estonia.

Talked to Meduza about studying abroad.

Went to hackathons.


Moved continents, started college. Shipped several websites in multiple teams. Blogged more and more. Read a lot.

With Artem Tamoian, created a VPN service with subscriptions sold through a custom Telegram bot. We promoted the product, talked to clients and gained around 20,000 users. This later laid the groundwork for Vee Security.


Attended a 2-week programming summer school at JetBrains.

Initiated and led the development of a 3D-printed atmospheric rocket for the Roscosmos-backed engineering contest RosCanSat. The high school faculty consequently started an official aerospace engineering club for students.

Began shipping user-facing code outside of high school curriculum. Started a blog with ramblings about software and literature where I actively promoted personal projects, accumulating minor user bases.